Friday, November 15, 2013

Collecting vs Hoarding

There is a fine line between a collector and a hoarder, but if you look, there is a difference. When you think of a collection, it is grouped by something whether it is by color, category, etc. Collections are neat with perfect little rows of what is being collected, or they are grouped in a way that means something. Hoarding, however, is the opposite of that. When you see a TV show about hoarding, it is never a good thing for the family or person. It is very messy and has no rhyme or reason to it. In conclusion, collections are a neater way of hoarding, but has a reason to it. Hoarding is never considered a good thing, where as collections can be considered as art. The images below are the differences between someone who collects and someone who hoards.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

In our class, each person brought in two blue items so we could make a collection.  After seeing all the items that people brought in, you could see how it reflected the time period we lived in. There were a couple of iphone cases, which to me really showed that iphones are a big part of everyone's life in the present day world. There were things from makeup and perfume to paint and Gatorade bottles. You could see how the interests and lifestyles of different people varied. If somebody brought in perfume or nail polish, they are probably pretty girly. And if someone brought in markers or paint, they might be more of the artsy type. Portia Munson was known for having collections of seperate colors in her art, just like we are doing now.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Comparing the Bike and candy jar drawings

For my last post today I am going to compare my two drawings. Here, I will add the pictures of the drawings I have just finished. I found that working with the graphic pencil was a lot easier than working with a colored pencil. I thought that it was easier to shade than it was to blend colors and work with them. I felt as though my candy jar looked less realistic because I didn't quite know how to utilize the colors to make the jar shine. With the bike however, I felt like I was getting the hang of how to make the metal look like metal. I think I could have made the shape of both drawings a little bit better, but overall I was happy with the way both drawings turned out.

Bike Drawing

Before i could do any of my the shading for the bike drawing I had to first sketch out an outline. From there, i started sketching in smaller details that I could see in the part of the bike I decided to draw.  Then, i started the shading. In my opinion, shading is the hardest to do. You have to build up the value until you get it to look like the thing you are drawing. In this case, it was a bike, so there was a lot of metal that i had to think about while i was shading. When i first started, it took a while for me to understand the darks and  lights that needed to be put into the drawing. After a couple of days, i got a sense of how you are supposed to shade. I had to go back to smaller parts of detail and really look closely at how the light hit it. It was a good experience to finally understand where and how you should shade. Having the picture next to me helped a lot, but it was nothing compared to having the actual bike sitting right next to me. I was surprised at how well i was able to work with the lights and the darks and incorporate all the little parts of the bike into one drawing of the handlebars. I had an awkward angle to work with, so at times it could be a little bit tricky. At the end, it seems to me that i worked through all the tough parts and came out with a finished drawing.

Candy Jar Drawing

To start off the process of drawing and coloring a jar full of candy, first I had to sketch a rough outline of a jar. This was tough because it was going to be the basis for the entire drawing. Next, I started to draw in the candy on the inside of the jar, then colored them in. When I was done, I took note of how the light reflected off the jar and I took note of that while I colored the jar with an array of grays, whites, and even a red or two. I felt as though colored pencils were not really my thing, and I was surprised at how much I struggled to make it look half decent. I have to say that it was not my best work, but I am proud nonetheless.  I will include a picture of it in one of the upcoming posts