Monday, November 4, 2013

Bike Drawing

Before i could do any of my the shading for the bike drawing I had to first sketch out an outline. From there, i started sketching in smaller details that I could see in the part of the bike I decided to draw.  Then, i started the shading. In my opinion, shading is the hardest to do. You have to build up the value until you get it to look like the thing you are drawing. In this case, it was a bike, so there was a lot of metal that i had to think about while i was shading. When i first started, it took a while for me to understand the darks and  lights that needed to be put into the drawing. After a couple of days, i got a sense of how you are supposed to shade. I had to go back to smaller parts of detail and really look closely at how the light hit it. It was a good experience to finally understand where and how you should shade. Having the picture next to me helped a lot, but it was nothing compared to having the actual bike sitting right next to me. I was surprised at how well i was able to work with the lights and the darks and incorporate all the little parts of the bike into one drawing of the handlebars. I had an awkward angle to work with, so at times it could be a little bit tricky. At the end, it seems to me that i worked through all the tough parts and came out with a finished drawing.

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